John loves to hear from his readers. You can drop him a note using the form on his Contact page (link up there at the top) and he will reply as soon as he can!

Well, that’s lovely. Thank you for considering me. However I am quite old and creaky, and don’t travel very well, so you must expect my default answer to be “thanks, but no thanks.” 

If that hasn’t dissuaded you please do drop me a line using the aforementioned Contact page (link still up there at the top – I haven’t moved it) explaining why it doesn’t matter that I’m old and creaky, you still want me and you’re prepared to make the journey as comfortable as humanly possible with any social distancing etc that may still be required, depending on whether a vaccine has been perfected at the time of your request.

Despite being old and creaky (see previous answer) I can still talk, so provided your interview can be undertaken remotely using one of those wonderful technological marvels of the modern age like Zoom then I would be happy to consider your request. Please drop me a line (you should know where the Contact button is by now) and we can set something up.

Portion size is important here. “Everything in moderation” my dear old Mum used to say. So if your requirement is for a small portion then I’d probably say go ahead, be my guest. Provided you give me due attribution and perhaps even a recommendation that your readers go off and purchase the whole story for themselves, because really it’s difficult to get the proper flavour of the work from only a small taste. 

Anything larger than a small portion then I think you know what I’m going to say. It involves the location of a certain button followed by the application of several fingers to keys (or screen, depending on your device of choice) in the right sequence. Let’s talk!

Sadly, no. Not at the present time. However if this is what you wanted to talk to me about, then I feel this could be the start of a beautiful friendship. I refer you to my – by now famous – Contact button. It’s up there. On the right. No, a bit further. There you go.

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