A mystery disease. A murder suspect on the run. One chance to find a cure.

A phone call from an old university friend throws Jeff Barber into the heart of an international health crisis. When his friend is murdered, Jeff becomes the prime suspect. The real killers know he is the only one who can connect the deadly disease to their product. Can he escape the police and the murderers in time to find a cure? Can he save the millions dying all over the world, including the children of his new-found partner?

WAR OF NUTRITION, an SF thriller with an ecological twist, is a timely story of how an industrialist’s dream – to feed the world on GM food – becomes a nightmare when his “magic ingredient” turns out to be lethal. If you enjoyed The Andromeda Strain, The Seventh Plague, or Chasm City then you’ll love John Beresford’s eco-thriller.

Pick up War of Nutrition today to discover Jeff’s fate!

£2.49 / $2.99

An innocent man. A chance for freedom. A world where magic still exists.

Jann Argent thought winning the convicts’ Tournament would secure his freedom. He didn’t realise liberty meant exile to humanity’s first colony planet. On his interstellar voyage he meets a motley bunch of fellow travellers, some of whom share his problem with amnesia. What causes the violent storm that besets their ship on arrival? And after travelling to the most distant place humanity has yet reached, how can his destination seem so familiar?

GATEKEEPER, the first book of The Berikatanyan Chronicles trilogy, is a science fiction / fantasy crossover. If you adore space-faring tales of alien worlds, and the mystical, magical stories of Stephen Donaldson, Tanith Lee and Marion Zimmer Bradley, you will love John Beresford’s epic story of ordinary people fulfilling unexpected destinies in the face of extraordinary challenges.

Pick up Gatekeeper today to begin your own journey to the magical world of Berikatanya.

£2.49 / $2.89

It’s raining on Berikatanya. During the day. That hasn’t happened for three hundred years.

Stripped of its time displacement before the Battle of Lembaca Ana, the Valley is once again the subject of dispute. Confrontation between the great houses is disrupted by a daytime rainstorm – unheard of since the creation of the malamajan centuries ago. Suspicion falls on the Elementals, especially Lautan, who has not been seen since the battle. Meanwhile, millions of kilometres out in space, the last Prism ship is preparing to make planetfall.

Where is Lautan, and why can’t he stop the freakish rainstorms? Can Patrick rediscover his father’s lore and unlock the secrets of the Pattern Juggler in time to help? Or will civilisation be submerged under the influence of the malevolent new Water Wizard?

The Elementals continue their adventures in the second instalment of John Beresford’s SF/Fantasy crossover, The Berikatanyan Chronicles. Primordial forces spin out of control in this tale of magic, mystery, and mayhem that will appeal to lovers of Thomas Covenant, Merlin, and Allanon. Get your copy today!

£2.99 / $3.48

An Element to surpass all others. The one with the power to wield it. Can he overcome his fears in time to save the world from imminent doom?

The Pattern Juggler has inherited a formidable power. It can create, and just as easily destroy. He has the lore book of his father, but key parts of it remain impenetrable.

On the day of the new Water Wizard’s inauguration ceremony, an injured stranger interrupts proceedings. He babbles an incoherent story about impending doom. Can it be true? How does the young man know what is to come? And if the Elementals can confirm his story, will the Juggler be able to confront his darkest fear? Can he unlock the last mysteries of his lore and overcome the deadliest challenge of all?

Juggler is the final volume in John Beresford’s Science Fiction / Fantasy crossover trilogy The Berikatanyan Chronicles, where colonists from Earth join forces with the indigenous population to battle with nameless terrors from the Void.

£2.99 / $2.99

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