War of Nutrition

war of nutrition

A mystery disease. A murder suspect on the run. One chance to find a cure.

A phone call from an old university friend throws Jeff Barber into the heart of an international health crisis. When his friend is murdered, Jeff becomes the prime suspect. The real killers know he is the only one who can connect the deadly disease to their product. Can he escape the police and the murderers in time to find a cure? Can he save the millions dying all over the world, including the children of his new-found partner?

WAR OF NUTRITION, an SF thriller with an ecological twist, is a timely story of how an industrialist’s dream – to feed the world on GM food – becomes a nightmare when his “magic ingredient” turns out to be lethal. If you enjoyed The Andromeda Strain, The Seventh Plague, or Chasm City then you’ll love John Beresford’s eco-thriller.

Pick up War of Nutrition today to discover Jeff’s fate!


The Author writes:

I took part in the distributed computing project “Folding@home” some years ago. This project seeks to model protein folding behaviours in an effort to predict, and perhaps control, how they operate. The fact that the physiological effects of proteins are governed by their structure, and that this structure is both complex and unpredictable, led me to wonder what might happen if a protein created through genetic modification reacted adversely with other proteins once released in the wild, giving rise to unforeseen and perhaps deadly side-effects.

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